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Stormwater Management Services

LJ Consultants (LJC) offers Stormwater Management services to a variety of clients.  The principals of LJC are QSD and QSP certified by the state of California to perform the required preparation and monitoring as specified in the General Construction Permit (GCP) State Water Resources Control Board.

LJC works to ensure that our clients remain in full regulatory compliance, our stormwater professionals can provide services to verify that construction BMPs are properly implemented and that structural BMPs are successfully built and maintained. We are also experienced in evaluating problematic BMPs already in place and comparing the effectiveness of these programs to local, state and federal regulations to assess an organization’s risk.


SWPPP Preparation

  • Assist clients with determining the risk level for their project
  • Work with clients to determine if their project needs post construction BMP’s to be compliant with the GCP or with the local municipalities
  • Prepare NOI and upload to the California State Water Resources Control Board (SMARTS) program
  • Work with Civil Engineer to prepare Water Pollution Control Plan (WPCP)
  • Prepare the SWPPP documentation and upload to SMARTS
  • Work with your staff/contractors to educate and implement the SWPPP and Water Pollution Control Plan


  • Upon determination of the risk level for each site a specific monitoring plan will be created for each site
    • LJ Consultants will perform routine site monitoring inspection site visits and prepare a monitoring report for client to implement the deficiencies
    • Perform pre-storm, during storm and post-storm event site visits.  Depending on risk level of site, prepare a Rain Event Action Plan (REAP) 48-hours prior to a qualifying rain event.
    • Perform water sampling if required by the GCP for your site specific risk level


  • LJ Consultants will work with client to upload all reports, SWPPP revisions and Water Pollution Control Plan updates to the California State Water Resources Control Board (SMARTS) program.
    • LJC will prepare and maintain the Routine Site Monitoring Inspection Logs
    • LJC will prepare and maintain the Storm Event Related Monitoring Inspection Logs
    • LJC will prepare the Quarterly Non-Storm Monitoring Inspection
    • LJC will prepare and upload to SMARTS the Annual Report
    • LJC will prepare and upload to SMARTS any Exceedance Reports

Project  Close-out

  • Upon completion of project, LJ Consultants will prepare the Notice of Termination (NOT) and upload to SMARTS for the owner to certify

Site Maintenance

  • Work with owner to determine the scope necessary for each individual project.  Some of the services offered are as follows but not limited to:
    • Weed Control
    • SWPPP –  BMP implementation and maintenance
    • General Site Clean Up

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